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20 July 2022

An unusual heat wave has descended upon France and I can't help but wonder how this is affecting film production on Vincent's latest directorial effort. Filming for MAÎTRE D'ARMES (Master of Arms) began recently in Paris and will continue through August for 39 days. The screenplay, written by Vincent and wife Karine, is a historical drama. The story takes place in Paris in 1887. The synopsis reads - "In a rapidly changing society, where dueling is the last way out to uphold one's honour, Clément Lacaze, charismatic fencing master, and Marie-Rose Astié de Valsayre, a feminist ahead of her time, will fight side by side, ignoring the threats and dangers that await them."

Coincidentally, I just finished watching an interesting historical Korean series, which takes place in the late 20th century as well, where actress Kim Min-Jung gets to wield her sword against her enemies. Yes, another feminist ahead of her time. In another recent Asian production, Vincent was photographed with his sword in his last film, THE CURSE OF TURANDOT, a Chinese romantic fantasy film based on the Italian opera Turandot. The film debuted in China last fall to disappointed audiences and is now available on Blu-ray.  Monsieur Perez appears to fare more successfully with his roles in French films. His pursuits into English and Russian-speaking cinema have not served him well. His last attempt at directing was six years ago with ALONE IN BERLIN.

The IMDB has not acknowledged "Maître d'Armes" yet so I don't have all the production details. I have obtained a few images, which includes cast members. Vincent appears to have a minor role and perhaps daughter Iman has been given a nonspeaking cameo. Lucie Baudinaud has been hired as the film's cinematographer.


25 May 2022

Vincent and wife Karine with daughter Iman attended some of the 2022 Cannes events this week. You can view more photos at this link.

23 April 2022

I didn't realize until recently that Vincent is actually sporting a man bun these days, capturing a classic samuri warrior look. The following photos were taken last month in Switzerland at Scabal's, which sells luxury clothing for men.

Vincent was also photographed with wife Karine and Sarah Lavoine at an Off Vendôme event on March 22nd.

24 March 2022

Six months have passed since the last update because there simply hasn't been any news. The pandemic can be blamed for the lack of social events but the fact that Vincent has not appeared in a film's leading role in over four years gives way to concern for the future of his acting career. This month he presided over the 5th edition of the Rencontres du 7e Art. It was held from March 12-20 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

As the festival's president, Vincent explained that he decides on the theme each year - "It comes from an idea, then it becomes an obsession. I then discuss it with others and test it with my team." This year the chosen theme was "Mirror, Mirror, cinema facing itself", which thus provided a wonderful opportunity to (re)discover masterpieces and cult films mirroring the multiple facets of movie-making. Vincent explained, "We chose this striking and powerful image of Marilyn Monroe because it perfectly symbolizes the theme in all its complexities. Doesn’t this image, frozen in time of one of cinema’s greatest stars, express the multiple reflections that cinema casts upon us - beauty, celebrity, seduction, fantasy, mystification, but also illusion, fragility and… tragedy?"

This year, American actor Willem Dafoe was the guest of honor. His filmography includes well over one hundred films, many of which I have seen. Since first being introduced to him in the Vietnam film, "Platoon", I have enjoyed many of his performances through the years. A more recent favorite is "The Lighthouse" - absolutely spellbinding! At the festival, Dafoe gave a master class and was also honored on Saturday evening, March 19th, with the Think Cinema prize during a ceremony in Vevey to celebrate his entire career.

Master Class on March 14

In the third photo below, Vincent poses with Jean Dujardin and Anne Fontaine. The last portrait is by Swiss photographer Anoush Abrar.


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